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Welcome Atlanta area Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alums! 

If you are an ΣAE living in, or just visiting, the Atlanta area, we invite you to join us.  

We meet for lunch at noon, the second Wednesday of every month, at the Piedmont Driving Club.

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February 2018 Luncheon


Our speaker this month was the incomparable Ron Hart, who self identifies as a syndicated op/ed humorist columnist, and Liberterian. 

Ron is absolutely one of our most informative and entertaining regular speakers. He says more in his weekly column than the rest of the media says all month. Ron’s insights are delivered with Mark Twain-like wit, and he has a rare gift for distilling the truth from complex issues.

If you’d like to receive a link to Ron’s column in a weekly email, just send him an email request:

Here are some links to recent editions of Ron’s column:


Liberal colleges embarrass

Like, literally, like, amazing

Why this memo matters



Special Note –  I have recently appointed Rick McCully as chair of our 2018 GAAA Nominating Committee consisting of Brothers Charlie Boyd, Andrew Senfield, Frank Vascimni, and Terry Kingery.

If you currently are a GAAA officer or board member and no longer are able to continue in that capacity, please notify Rick McCully no later than February 16th.

If you know of a Brother who would be a good candidate (or if you wish to nominate yourself) please submit your nomination to any one of the committee members by February 21st.


Phi Alpha, Andrew Cogar, GAAA President

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